Best Amazon Finds: Reasons Why You Need ENPULY W1P Water Flosser

Best Amazon Finds: Reasons Why You Need ENPULY W1P Water Flosser

With the emergence of all kinds of trends in social media, like TikTok to Instagram Reels, this Amazon product keeps getting better and should be your next purchase list. With daily updates, our attention is focused to ENPULY W1P water flosser that is quite useful for your dental hygiene routine, and also have innovative features. We must admit when cleaning up our mouth area with this device will be more enjoyable. But before discussing in detail about this favorite product, let's read more details about water flosser.


Water flossers are innovative devices that support your oral deep clean treatment regimen as it helps remove debris that is hard to be reached. The system works by spraying a stream of water irrigation that is directed through a special tip to clean teeth. Some experts consider it an important part of one's oral hygiene because doing it daily helps prevent gum disease, cavities and bad breath.

If you're looking for the best water flossers on Amazon we recommend one product that will blow your mind with the best features that make you need to add it to your shopping cart and buy it for your next purchase.

These are the reasons why this ENPULY water flosser has the best features to purchase;


1. 5 Main Flossing Modes

There are 4 flossing modes (Strengthen, Standard, Soft, and Pulse) and a Manual Mode. This water flosser can be used for a variety of oral cleaning according to your mouth needs. It’s efficient and comfortable for beginners who are first trying to use the water flossing method but want to find a strong and adjustable oral irrigator.

2. Cordless Design

The unique built-in pulsation technique allows this cordless water flosser to work slightly quieter but pumps out stronger water pressure during use and removes 99.99% of food debris between teeth, helping to maintain oral hygiene and preventing plaque.

3. Travel Friendly And Waterproof

Besides cordless, this portable water flosser is also designed water resistant and light to carry and compact fit to any luggage size and making it ideal for short to long trips. A water tank can offer 60-75 seconds of continuous flossing once it is fully filled.

4. Low Noise

The low-noise design is great for smooth use at night when you're getting ready for bed and won't disturb your surroundings.

5. Rechargeable And Fast Charging

Apart from being travel friendly, of course this rechargeable device can support daily use for more than 40 days after being fully charged in just 4.5 hours. This flosser features USB Type-C to be compatible with other USB adapters and charging ports, so efficient that it brings great convenience to your travels anywhere.

6. Easy To Use With Rotatable Nozzle

The 360° rotatable nozzle caters for all different conditions of teeth and gums. You only need to adjust the angle according to the user needs to clean hidden areas from dirt and food residue.

7. Braces-friendly

Best Amazon Finds: Reasons Why You Need ENPULY W1P Water Flosser

This will be very useful for people with braces because its function is suitable for cleaning between wires without the risk of damaging them. You will also be able to clean your tongue with the nozzle tip from this product feature. 




The story behind ENPULY brand story, which started in 2020, was founded by a group of smile lovers who believe in the best water flosser innovation. They studied over 300 water flossers and surveyed thousands of reviews across multiple online platforms, and found that most water flossers start not working within 3-6 months due to internal water leaks. Which is caused by the steam generated by the piston pump moving so fast that it pushes water out of the water reservoir.

Since then they have considered developing a diaphragm pump system on their product to prevent leak problems. With an elastic film pump innovation made for other products before which separates the wet and dry areas completely. They tried to make this device with simple pump design and also cover the pump and motor with the minimalist design.

So, what do you think about this magic device? If you purchase this water flosser you will get:


-   1 Enpuly W1 Plus Water Flosser

-   2 Standard Nozzles

-   1 Periodontal Nozzle

-   1 Orthodontic Nozzle

-   USB A to C Cable

-   User Manual Guide

-   30-day money-back, 15 months replacement warranty and 24-hour customer service.


How To Use A Water Flosser by ENPULY

With the complete features above you will get when you purchase this water flosser. Let's look at a bit explanation of how to use ENPULY water flosser;


Note: Do not using a water flosser when charging

1) Install the nozzle, it can be rotated 360°

2) Fill the water in the water tank. You can fill it with warm water and also mix a bit of mouthwash on it.

3) Choose the mode to adjust the water pressure intensity.

4) Start cleaning the whole oral area of the. Pause if you need to rinse your mouth.

5) After cleaning, turn off and remove the nozzle and clean it up.

For more information regarding this product check out more Enpuly Official Facebook page.